Teemu Lätti

I am Teemu, a passionate programmer from Finland. I have MSc in Engineering and Executive MBA from the University of Oulu. I have been working for a couple of decades in various sized technology companies in software development as well as management positions. I’ve always been excited about making new innovative and user friendly solutions and software. When working with companies I get to combine my interest for technical solutions with my passion for innovative ideas. In previous employments I have worked with many interesting companies such as Inmarsat, Terrestar, Nokia and Adidas. My responsibility has been mainly software development for products such as smartphones, sport systems and smartwatches. For me it is important to be able to combine user friendly software solutions with great and flawless technical experience.

Kim Kivelä

I am Kim, I am a passionate engineer and I have worked in the technology field for almost 20 years, which has given me a wide range of knowledge within the field. In addition to my technical background I also have a lot of experience within the field of sports and I have achieved the title of the Finnish champion in several sports. I have through earlier employments as a system designer worked with world leading customers such as Adidas, Terrestar, GE and Nokia. I have designed systems for smartwatches, smartphones, sportsystems and medical devices. I have also worked with patent applications with good results. My passion is closely connected to the development of new innovative solutions, which is the reason that I am involved in several startups. For me, it is important to inspire people to move to the next step and pursue their dreams.